Where do I buy OhBoard?

Thanks for the interest! You can buy OhBoard in Chrome Web Store. Then click blue Buy and Install button.

What happen after I buy OhBoard?

After you purchase OhBoard through Google Checkout, the download will start immediately. Then the installation will also begin automatically when the download is completed. You will see the OhBoard icon pop up once it’s ready. Simply click on it!

How do I make a new document?

Click the New button. You can create as many documents as you want.

How do I undo a step?

Click the Undo button. You can undo as many steps as you initially have, even after you reload the page.

How do I redo a step?

Click the Redo button. You can also redo as many undo as you make, even after you reload the page.

How do I delete a document?

Click the Delete button. You can not undo any deletions, and OhBoard will be happy to keep as many documents as you want. OhBoard also adds a layer of assurance by prompting a confirmation.

How do I export a document into image?

Click the Export button, an overlay will come up. Right-click on the image and select Save Image As. Or you can drag the image to an application icon as well. More details here.

How do I save a document?

OhBoard saves documents automatically for you! So there is no save button you have to find.

How do I edit the title of a document?

Double-click the title and an editing field will appear. When you are finished editing, press Enter or click outside of the field.

How do I  switch between documents?

Click the title of the document you want to open.

How do I retrieve deleted documents?

Sorry. As mentioned before, there’s no way to undo a document deletion, so please make sure you are not deleting document accidentally.

How do I update to the latest version of OhBoard?

Chrome » Window » Extensions » Developer mode » Update extensions now. For more details/screenshots, please see here.

Where should I contact for bug report/feedback?

Just email to stephen@ohboard.com, or use this contact form.