Sales Record – 3 Months In

2 weeks after its launch, I disclosed the exact sales number of OhBoard, my $3.99 Chrome whiteboard application. The responses were phenomenal. Questions and comments were floating into my inbox, my Twitter account, and the article itself. Thanks everyone!

Now it’s 3 months after launch, I thought a post with more details will be even cooler, right?

Yup. In this post, I will not only share the sales number, but also traffic number, conversion rates, etc. etc. Just everything that I have the data for. Here you go:

OhBoard has been sold 35 times. The price is $3.99, Google charges $0.3+2% of transaction fee, $0.48 each sales. So I’ve made $122.85 so far.

Numbers of sales in each month:

December: 10
January: 8
February: 9
March: 8 has 5779 visits, 59.62% were from referring sites, 15.33% were from search engines, and 25.05% were from direct traffic.

Top referring sites:

CSSMania (I submitted the site 5 days after the redesign, and that traffic spike had brought me 2 sales directly)

Forrst (I asked for feedback on the marketing site twice) (My personal homepage) (I was named as 10 inspirational entrepreneurs under 21)

Twitter (Social network power!)

Top search engine term:

Chrome app development (I released a cover-it-all tutorial about making your first Chrome Web App, it had ranked on the first page on Chrome app development even since.)

OhBoard’s Chrome Web Store page has 1432 visits, 69.90% were from referring sites (86.81% of those are from, 3.88% were from search engines, and 26.32% were from direct visits.

Calculating from those stats, the conversion rates from to OhBoard’s store listing is 15.04%, and 2.44% of the people actually purchased a copy of OhBoard.

Out of those 35 customers, 21 sent me feedback. Some are through email, some are through Twitter, even one customer asked for my phone number and called me. (Thanks, David!)

My marketing expense has been low, I spent $10 on Fiverr for my Chrome Web App Development Guide SEO, and $15 on Google AdWords.

I am sure you will have some questions in mind, let me just answer them first:

1. Why do you share the numbers if they aren’t that significant?

I embrace transparency. I had a lot of respect to founders that share their revenue numbers, like Balsamiq, Freckle, Bingo Card Creator, jMockup, etc. And I want to do the same. I have nothing to lose for letting the world know how my app is doing, but it can give people a better understanding of how much you can get from Chrome Web Store.

2. I am interested in making Chrome Web Apps, should I do it?

Although my first three months of revenue on Chrome Web Store isn’t that high, but it is beneficial to get in early than get in after the market takesoff (hopefully that will happen). If you want to make an app, try making something that distinguish clearly with normal website, something that aren’t available elsewhere.

If you’ve got this far, awesome! Check this blog regularly because I want to some more stats in the coming months!

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  • Harshrk

    Why can’t you offer it free so that millions can install it and then make money through display ads?
    Please comment. Thanks

  • Stephen Ou

    Because when you make it free, not only there won’t be millions downloading it (probably only thousands), you will also get loads of support emails.

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