Goals for 2011

Had 15 minutes to spare, I decided to put up a quick and dirty list of achievements I am going to accomplish with OhBoard in 2011.

  1. Make $2011 in profit.
  2. Add 1 thing that differentiates OhBoard from others, make it the Ah-Ha moment.
  3. Get OhBoard featured on the Web Store.
  4. Write a blog article at least once per week.
  5. Create blog series “Chrome Web Store 101” to help people understand the basics about the Chrome Web Store.
  6. Grow blog subscriber list 100 times as big. Well, it has 6 right now, 600 won’t be too far away. (Subscribe now)
  7. Reach out to customers at least once per 2 month.
  8. Connect with 20 other Chrome web app developers.
  9. Keep ratings up to 4 stars.
  10. Make/Sell OhBoard T-shirts, stickers, etc. :)

PS: From now on, I am writing all my blog posts on OmmWriter. It concentrates me, and leaves all the distraction out.

If you are interested in keeping up with OhBoard and Stephen, subscribe to the blog & follow on Twitter!

  • http://www.twitter.com/joshchandler Josh Chandler


    Some great goals here. Best of luck with them! :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Hopefully I will achieve them all. :)

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