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OhBoard 1.2 Release

Hooray! OhBoard 1.2 was just released in Chrome Web Store few hours ago. There are four additions to this release:


I am listening. I know it is bad to have a whiteboard app that includes no eraser. But that’s no long the case!

The new eraser button lines up alongside with the pencil button. So whenever you want to erase something (rather than undo), just hit the eraser button, and the cursor will change to a crosshair shape rather than an arrow.

FYI, icons are from the Pictos by Drew Wilson

Shift to straighten

I’ve been having a little bit of frustration when I can’t draw a straight line. I’m sure many share the same opinions too. So I added the Photoshop-like shift-to-straighten functionality. If you want to make a straight line, just hold down shift while dragging the mouse/trackpad.

Export options

Currently, you can export your drawing into .png image. But I added two more file type for those who want them: .gif and .jpeg. After you click the export button, you can choose whatever file extension you want. And the image will be automatically updated accordingly.


Shortcuts are always useful for advanced users. And since OhBoard has been out for more than a month, there are people who were already calling for shortcuts already. Here’s a list of shortcuts available:

  • N: New document
  • W: Delete document
  • S: Export document
  • Z: Undo
  • R: Redo
  • E: Edit title
  • Up Arrow: Previous document
  • Down Arrow: Next document
  • Left/Right Arrow: change between pencil/eraser
  • Shift + Drag: make straight line

How to update:

  1. Click Window -> Extensions (a new tab should be opened).
  2. Click Developer mode (the blue link with a + icon on the right hand side).
  3. Click update extensions now button (the third one from the left, the first one from the right).
  4. Nothing seems to happen, but everything is actually updated in a matter of half seconds.

Or buy it now:

If you’ve been waiting for these features, now it’s the time to buy OhBoard! The app is available for $3.99 in Chrome Web Store.

There is also a list of release notes if you are curious about the details.

A Meaty Release Is Coming Up

While I devoted a good amount of time in January on marketing research, I didn’t forget about OhBoard’s development at all. In fact, I’ve made solid progress to few must-have features (FYI, I don’t add every feature requests). And I decided to give you some information to keep you updated!

There are 4 main things that are coming up:

  1. Eraser. On top of a pencil, you will have an eraser as well!
  2. Shift to straighten. Just like in Photoshop, holding Shift while drawing will give you a straight line.
  3. Shortcut. Every button will have its associate shortcut keys. Have fun, advanced level users!
  4. Export options. OhBoard will give you the option to export in .png, .jpeg, or .gif.

These 4 features are not fully done yet. Only the functionality were completed, but I still have to tweak the interface and test them out. Expect the meaty update to be released in 2-3 weeks!

Few screenshots that can probably make you more excited:

OhBoard 1.1 Release

Happy Sunday everyone! I just released version 1.1 of OhBoard in Chrome Web Store. The main addition to this update is the ability to save drawings into images. It was the most requested feature I’ve received so far, so I decided to add it while the product was not having a lot of users.

How it looks:

As I mentioned a bit in my preview post, this feature is extremely straightforward. You hit the export button, an overlay pops up, then you can either copy the image, save the image in your local/Dropbox folders, or drag it to an application/a folder for further actions. On both PC or Mac, If you drag the image to the desktop, it will be saved automatically. Another example, if you drag it to on a Mac, a new email with the image will be automatically created. Or if you drag it to, the application will recognize the image and make a note for you.

How to update:

  1. Make sure you are in the application called Chrome.
  2. Click Window -> Extensions (a new tab should be opened).
  3. Click Developer mode (the blue link with a + icon on the right hand side).
  4. Click update extensions now button (the third one from the left, the first one from the right).
  5. Nothing seems to happen, but everything is actually updated in a matter of half seconds.

I suggest you to update it now so you can enjoy the latest feature set. I know Google makes this process a little over-complicated, but that’s the only way to do so. Sorry about that.

If you decide to buy OhBoard after the image saving feature is out, now it’s the time! The app is available for $3.99 in Chrome Web Store.

Thanks everyone for the support. :)

Image Export Sneak Peak

Howdy everyone! Hope y’all have a great new year holiday. I certainly had one, because I’ve been working hard on OhBoard, and the image export feature is very close to the finish line. So I’d love to give you a little sneak peak right now!

OhBoard will have its fifth button, which is called Export. Whenever you want to export your current canvas, just click the button and you will see a lovely overlay with the image waiting right there for you.

If you want to save the image into your local/Dropbox folder, right click and select Save Image As…, just like what you normally do to save an image in Chrome.

Besides that, there’s a neat trick I want to tell you (which saves me hours). you can simply drag the image into applications like to create an email with the image directly, to make a new note containing the image. This can be extremely helpful when you want to share mockups to your teammates, or when you want to save your ideas you drop down on OhBoard as your own reference in pictures.


Boom, new Email created!

The new update will be available next week. So stay tuned and I will keep you updated.

Update: OhBoard 1.1 is released!