A Meaty Release Is Coming Up

While I devoted a good amount of time in January on marketing research, I didn’t forget about OhBoard’s development at all. In fact, I’ve made solid progress to few must-have features (FYI, I don’t add every feature requests). And I decided to give you some information to keep you updated!

There are 4 main things that are coming up:

  1. Eraser. On top of a pencil, you will have an eraser as well!
  2. Shift to straighten. Just like in Photoshop, holding Shift while drawing will give you a straight line.
  3. Shortcut. Every button will have its associate shortcut keys. Have fun, advanced level users!
  4. Export options. OhBoard will give you the option to export in .png, .jpeg, or .gif.

These 4 features are not fully done yet. Only the functionality were completed, but I still have to tweak the interface and test them out. Expect the meaty update to be released in 2-3 weeks!

Few screenshots that can probably make you more excited:

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  • http://fishbe.in Phil Fishbein

    This is awesome. Can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    Yup, awesome indeed. I’ll keep you updated in this.

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