5 Reasons Why You Need OhBoard

1. “I spent $60 buying whiteboards, OhBoard is 15 times cheaper.”

2. “Sketching out designs in OhBoard saves 30 minutes each week.”

3. “I can’t bring my whiteboard everywhere, but I can with OhBoard.”

4. “I finally have a whiteboard with no limits. It’s really awesome.”

5. “There are millions of whiteboard apps, OhBoard just feels right.”

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  • http://www.turtlegiant.com/ Turtle Giant

    I’m sold, even though I never use white boards. I liked how you use the app itself to illustrate your 5 simple reasons. Nice work Stephen! Keep it up

  • http://stephenou.com Stephen Ou

    Thank you for the support!

  • Naveen Krishna

    right, the way u sell the app is interesting. I dont ve a chrome book though,.
    will buy once i get it with a touch screen option.
    ohboard makes more senses that way