People love us:

When I only have access to my laptop (no paper, no pens, no white boards), OhBoard becomes handy. - Robin Kim (via Email)
OhBoard has become my place for mockups, to-do lists, any everything else I can think of! - Neil Hanlon (via Email)
It's great for sketching out designs (for Webmasters etc).
- eBroadcast manager (via Email)

Feature highlights:

Unlimited Storage

Create as many documents as you need, or preserve as many drawing as you like.

Saves Automatically

There is no save button you have to find, OhBoard will save everything as you draw.

Works Offline

OhBoard will work perfectly offline, whether in a subway or on a mountaintop.

Simple Interface

We don’t have a fancy shape selector, just start dragging your mouse.

Infinite Undo/Redo

You can come back tomorrow (or next year) and undo the step you did wrong today.

Image Export

Save your drawing as image locally or to Dropbox, and share it with one drag.


1. What is Chrome Web Store?

Chrome Web Store is a marketplace for web apps unique to Google Chrome, just like Apple's App Store is where you go to find iPhone apps.

2. What is the difference between app like this and normal website?

You can access the app by clicking its icon on "New Tab" page, instead of typing its URL. It's similar to tapping an icon to launch an app on the iPhone.

3. Does it work with Firefox/Safari/IE?

Not yet. Because OhBoard is built specifically for Chrome Web Store. But I do have plans for Firefox once their app marketplace is open.

4. Can I cancel the purchase?

Yes. Unlike Apple's app store, under Google's policy, you can cancel within 30 minutes after the transaction with full refund.

5. Can I try OhBoard first?

Well, sort of. Under Google's policy, you can cancel within 30 minutes after the transaction with full refund. So buy it, and return it if you don't enjoy.

6. How do I pay the $3.99?

After you go to OhBoard's page on Chrome Web Store you can click the purchase button and pay via Google Checkout.